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Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Therapy

Lymphatic massage is a form of massage that emphasizes the natural lymph drainage. It assists in eliminating any waste materials and brings cells back to their center. The lymphatic system is the first line of protection against infection, toxins and other diseases it is vital. Its principal function is to create white blood cells to protect the body from infection. Damage to lymphatic system could cause ailments like pains or fevers.

The lymphatic system is able to carry out this task in its own way, however, it often requires guidance and assistance from massage therapy practitioners. So, it's important for massage therapy techniques to concentrate on the lymphatic drainage method in order to maximise the impact on the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage therapy is one form of massage therapy which is based on the idea that lymphatic drainage results in increased flow of lymph. The body naturally removes the toxins and other waste through lymphatic massage therapy.

The massage of lymphatics is employed to treat lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs when lymphatic fluids get swollen. The condition usually manifests within the vessels and tissues of the arms or legs. Lymphedema may be due to the use of radiation therapy, surgery or diseases like multi-sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson's diseases.

The Kuwait Sports Medicine Association conducted a study that showed lymphatic drainage had a significantly superior efficacy over cellulite reduction. This study further demonstrated that the lymphatic drainage technique is highly effective in reducing cellulite. Based on a study carried out at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, the effectiveness of massage for reducing cellulite was evaluated among women with cellulite and women who did not have. The results showed that women with cellulite had significant improvements in terms of abdominal fat and the subcutaneous fat. This improvement was substantial, but the statistical significance of the research was not strong.

The advantages of lymph drainage massage are manifold. It helps improve lymphatic system functioning and immune system. 신흥동출장마사지 It helps improve fluid balance as well as cardiovascular effectiveness. It's known to enhance the skin's elasticity and lessen swelling. Additionally, it can improve your immune system and blood flow to the brain.

There are three major methods of manual lymph drainage that are employed in this method. One is the technique of superficial massage or glide motion technique. For glide motions, this method uses gentle and circular motions. Another technique is tapping technique, also known as percussion in which very intense pressurization is applied to regions that are affected. Thirdly, there is shiatsu technique, where you apply pressure using both fingers and thumbs onto the muscle.

The lymph fluid first eliminated by the finger tips followed by removal via the hand or palm. After the removal of any fluid or tissues The lymphatic system is able to be restored back to normality by cleaning out toxins and fluids. The process can increase lymph flow and lymphatic drainage. A boost in lymph flow helps reduce swelling and relieve pain in the body. It can also be employed to rid the body of harmful compounds.

The technique was developed out of traditional Chinese medical practices and has been used by the Chinese for several years. Many massage therapists have incorporated Chinese treatment in their massage therapy and many Asian patients now use this technique to help the body heal faster after sickness and injury. A few therapists think that the use of this type of treatment could be a cure for a number of chronic illnesses including Alzheimer's disease and arthritis, constipation, the heart, diabetes as well as headaches

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